SPEDx was founded by Dr. Richard Nyankori with the aim to help educators and others accelerate the progress of students receiving special education in our nation's schools.

SPEDx was inspired by Richard's brother Matthew and the many other students and adults with disabilities who enrich the lives of others with their own unique talents and abilities that contribute to vibrant families and communities across the nation.

Fueled by advances in data science, increased attention to improving outcomes for students with disabilities, and a unanimous US Supreme Court ruling in the Endrew F. case that would elevate achieving 'appropriately ambitious’ goals as the new standard, SPEDx works with educators and others to realize a vastly improved success for students in special education.

Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do and how we approach our work. They define who we are, what we believe, and how we strive to help others.

  • Default to transparency
  • Live and work authentically
  • Operate with intellectual honesty
  • Defy conventional wisdom
  • Practice renewal

The Team

Richard Nyankori

Founder & CEO

Richard founded in SPEDx after being an educator, administrator, and product developer to vastly improve the success of students receiving special education services across the nation. He is responsible for the overall growth and direction for the company. For Richard, SPEDx is a way to honor his brother Matthew and the millions of individuals with disabilities across the nation that contribute their talents to create vibrant communities and families.

Jeremy Lizza

Founder & CTO

Jeremy joined SPEDx in 2017 and brings a deep background in technology, consulting, and customer-centric thinking. Jeremy was inspired by his mother who, after becoming disabled herself in the mid-90s, devoted the rest of her life to helping children with special needs excel in school.

Steven Soto

Business Development Strategist

Steven joined SPEDx in 2017 as a Venture For America Fellow. He is excited to work on business strategy, political communications, and product development at SPEDx. Steven can’t wait to do his part to ensure that disability status is unrelated to having great success in life.

Justin Ramos

Business Development Strategist

Justin joined SPEDx in 2017 as a Venture for America fellow. Justin brings with him a background in public policy, finance, and economics to aid in various SPEDx growth initiatives, including business strategy, marketing, and project management. Justin is excited to have a part helping students with learning disabilities achieve great success in school and life.

Prasanth Kambhatla

Data Scientist

Prasanth joined SPEDx in 2017 and bring his broad experience in technology, analytics and learning. Having worked for a reputable higher educational institution in learning analytics, Prasanth brings experience in implementing data science methodologies to solve institutional teaching and learning challenges to improve performance outcomes.

Danny El-Ayoubi

Data Scientist

Danny came on board SPEDx in 2017, as part of the Data Science team. Danny specializes in building advanced statistical models, methodologies, and insights to confidently drive decisions upon an empirical basis. Danny is excited to leverage his accumulated data science experience to help level the playing field for children with special needs.

Stephanie Fernald

Lead Experience Designer

Stephi joined SPEDx in 2017 with a background in user experience, psychology, and design. Stephi was inspired by her work as an autism aid for elementary and middle school children, hoping to be able to design intuitive and delightful tools that will help everyone involved in special education.

Brian O'Connor

Development Lead

Brian joined the SPEDx team in 2017 and brings with him over a decade of consulting and software engineering experience spanning various industries. His mother is a teacher and he aspires to make as much of a positive impact on the community as his parents, who have made inspirational impacts for a non-profit focused on spinal cord injuries.

Ken Bailey

Software Engineer

Ken joined SPEDx in 2017, bringing a software engineering background with a focus on building robust, scalable systems. With immediate family either teaching or working in education administration, he too seeks to apply his skill set in a way that will make a positive impact on special education.

Matt Moeller

Project Manager

Matt joined SPEDx in 2017 as a Project Manager working to ensure that SPEDx services result in not just client satisfaction, but improved outcomes for students served by Special Education. As a former teacher and administrator, he understands the impact that data can have when presented and used effectively. Matt is excited to partner with educators to find new insights in data that can lead to game-changing innovations.

Neela Rathinasamy

Project Manager

Neela joined the SPEDx team in 2017, bringing in a decade of district and state education leadership experience. She is motivated to positively impact the experience of students with disabilities in school based on her experience of growing up with a brother with disabilities and believes in the power of data to transform outcomes in education.

Andrew Patricio

Data Scientist

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